Complaints Resolution


Complaint or Commendation? Tell us.

In the complicated world of health care, a physician’s professional judgment is constantly being tested. In the vast majority of cases, they make the right call. But physicians are human, and mistakes happen. When patient care is impacted, we want to know. Our approach is education-focused: to help physicians learn from mistakes and grow a good practice.

Some complaints require investigation but others are more straightforward. Often what the complainant wants most is an apology or acknowledgment of the error, and if the physician agrees and the complaint isn’t serious, it can be resolved informally between the two parties. Sometimes the College will work with physicians to make practice changes, or require the physician to complete specific training.

In a small number of cases where a physician isn’t willing to change or the breach is very serious, a formal disciplinary hearing will be held before a Tribunal. Most hearings are public and decisions are posted on the College’s website. An appeal process is available to complainants and physicians unsatisfied with a complaints decision.

Whichever process we use to resolve complaints, our goal is to ensure the public receives safe and effective medical care from competent physicians.

We also want to know when a physician provides exceptional care. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge the many great doctors in Alberta, and we welcome commendations at