This is MyCollege!


Starting a medical practice in Alberta can be stressful. After all the work getting here, we know physicians want to “get in and get out” with their new practice permits so they can focus on their patients. That’s what we want as well, but there are some things all physicians need to know about the College and what is expected of them before they are ready to practise independently.

MyCollege is one of our first steps toward a new way of engaging with Alberta’s physicians.
— Dr. Susan Ulan

In 2017, the CPSA introduced MyCollege as a way to ensure new Alberta physicians are getting the information they need in the most efficient way possible. MyCollege is a web-based physician orientation tool which takes physicians through a series of online learning modules covering topics such as professionalism and continuing competence. Physicians can interact with the content in a variety of ways, depending on which learning style suits them best.  

“One of the challenges we faced when designing MyCollege was making sure we had just the right amount of information included in each module,” says Dr. Susan Ulan, Assistant Registrar of Registration for the College. "Self-regulation is a privilege and while there is a lot of information that physicians are required to know to maintain this privilege, we also know throwing too much information at doctors too quickly won’t help them in the long run."

The College also wants physicians to know we’re here to help them throughout their careers. “Moving forward, physicians will see us playing a more supportive role, providing relevant and timely information specific to their individual needs,” adds Dr. Ulan. “MyCollege is one of our first steps toward a new way of engaging with Alberta’s physicians.”

Since MyCollege launched in November 2017, about 150 physicians have completed the orientation modules, giving an average overall experience rating of 8+ out of a possible 10 points. These physicians also suggested the length of the tool could be improved, and we’ll be looking to address that in 2018.

The mycollege experience