Safe and Effective Care


Continuing Competence

Helping Alberta physicians provide the best possible care throughout their careers is an important role for the College.

Our multi-faceted approach includes:

  • MD Snapshot reports that provide individual physicians with practice-specific data for self-directed quality improvement, including an annual Practice Checkup for all physicians
  • Individual Practice Review, targeted support customized to meet the needs of individual physicians
  • Group Practice Review, a collaborative process that supports clinics in meeting the CPSA Standards of Practice and identifying opportunities to improve practice quality
  • MSF+, a multisource feedback tool to help physicians reflect on their roles as communicator, collaborator and professional, with facilitation by a peer physician
  • Infection Prevention and Control inspections, to ensure safe environments for patient care
  • Physician Prescribing Practices program, to support physicians in improving their prescribing through education, resources and mentorship. Uses data from Alberta’s Triplicate Prescription Program and Pharmaceutical Information Network.

Physician Health Monitoring Program

The PHMP provides confidential monitoring of physicians with health issues that may affect their practice. The program is managed separately from the College’s disciplinary processes, and works closely with the Alberta Medical Association’s Physician and Family Support Program and other professionals as needed.

Every physician’s work and health situation is unique, so the approach of the PHMP is customized. The physician’s medical condition, type of practice and work environment all need to be carefully considered. We may require additional information from health providers to ensure physicians have the support they need to balance their personal health needs with their clinical responsibilities to their patients. More than 80% of physicians involved in the physician health monitoring program are currently in practice.


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