Professional, Ethical Practice


Standards of Practice

Physicians in Alberta are expected to conduct themselves according to the Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics, CPSA Code of Conduct and CPSA Standards of Practice.

These foundational principles apply to every physician throughout their career, in all facets of medicine and in all methods of care delivery. Any amendments to these documents require prior consultation with physicians, government and other interested parties.

After extensive consultation with our members, pharmacists, patient advocates, social agencies and others, we introduced a new standard in 2017, Prescribing: Drugs With Potential for Misuse or Diversion, which includes specific safeguards for long-term opioid treatment for chronic pain. A companion Advice document provides physicians with additional guidance.

Council also approved minor changes to the Job Action and the Supervision of Restricted Activities standards of practice after a formal consultation process. 

Finally, we gathered feedback on draft amendments to the Direction and Control of a Medical Practice and Sexual Boundary Violations standards in the fall, for consideration by Council in early 2018. 

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