Healthy workplace, better care


It’s a common scene in TV hospital dramas – a senior physician berates a young resident for a trivial mistake, or rudely dismisses a nurse’s concerns about a patient’s treatment. Unfortunately, scenes like this do sometimes happen in real life, and there’s no 60-minute solution.

Demeaning co-workers is disruptive to a healthy workplace. It erodes morale and sows seeds of self-doubt and resentment that can undermine the functioning of the whole team and ultimately the care patients receive.

To examine the scope of the problem, in fall 2017 the College called together 65 physician and administrative leaders from Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Medical Association, the Health Quality Council of Alberta and Primary Care Networks.

At the end of a day-long symposium, the CEOs of participating organizations and the Deans of Alberta’s two medical schools agreed to commit funding and action to building a more positive workplace culture. Planning starts in early 2018.

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